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  • All products provided by LDO are sourced from Authorized Channels only and are of 100% Guaranteed Quality and Fully Traceable
  • We work closely with our customers to meet the their demand with forecast planning, strategic pull program and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Program
  • We committed to ensure smooth supply of our parts to the customers

LDO priorities

We understand what users need. Prioritize what to build. Where to advice an alternative products and where to work on redesign. We are here to help. The customer is always first!
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Product developement
Under a cost-advantage strategy, LDO establishes a significantly lower cost structure than competitors and uses that advantage to provide equivalent benefits to customers as competitors, but at lower prices.
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Cost savings
Because we operate with our own stock and are directly connected with our productions, we provide unbeatable leadtime. We are ready to provide a goods between 3-10 days.
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Short leadtimes
For us it is a matter of course to provide highest level of customer case and support. We are tranparent, we are fast, competitive and ready to answer on your questions. We are here for you. 24/7.
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Customer care
LDO standadly uses a X-ray inspection for electronics and semi-conductors. Regular testing ist the key. We measure what is measureable. And make measureable what is not so. (GG)
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Xray reports
We distribute only original parts. Our distribution net is wide. But what we can guarantee is the authenticity and originality of the parts we supply. We are strong and responsible supplier of our valueable customers.
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original parts
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